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What is it?

Masking, which is also called camouflaging or compensating, is a social survival strategy.

I learnt to mask from a young age. Children and adults are not kind and will often correct you when you do the wrong thing.

All behaviours I exhibit are learned.

Therefore I will 

- Give eye contact

- Smile a lot

- Feign interest in things that do not interest me

- Change the way I come accross

- Try to limit my talk on the things I find interesting.

- Will mirror the behaviour of others to try and fit in

- Supress my intelligence

- Supress my stress

Masking is exhausting and I find it hardest to mask towards the end of the week. This is because I do have a full time job Monday to Friday but being Autistic is like doing two full time jobs at the same time.

My actual job and the job of making people in my presence comfortable.

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