Autistic Support

By other Autistic Advocates

When I first got diagnosed the first thing I did was create an instagram account using a different name and started to follow other autistic people on instagram.

There are plenty of us on social media and the autistic community is honestly one of the most welcoming and supportive.

It also doesn't matter the country either. You will be surprised how people in different countries experience the same struggles.

It is other autistic people that gave me the confidence to learn about me and become at peace with my diagnosis and learn more about how autism affects me and my triggers.

They have taught me more than any other doctor could have and supported me through some rough, tough days.

On instagram I find the following really helpful and informative:

- @adulting_with_autism_




















All of the above are autistic adults or parents of autistic children documenting their journey in life and educating us on the spectrum.

The Aspie World also has a You Tube Channel which, I would highly recommend as does the neurodivergent rebel.