A 21st Century Tragedy

Why Sia's Film does more Harm than Good

When I heard about a film being made about an autistic girl I was really excited.

If you look at the portrayal of autism in the media it is mainly of men on the spectrum.


- Rainman


-The Good Doctor- The A Word

However, when I watched the trailor for the film me elation quickly turned to disappointment.

It was just another heavily sterotyped dipiction of what autism is. She even tried to give it a lot.

Although she said it was for the love of the community she refused to listen to the community often shouting them down and contradicting herself.

She used words such as 'special abilities' which autistic people did not appreciate.

Advised she had spent 2 years researching citing autism speaks and coaching Maddie by watching You Tube Videos of children having meltdowns.

The film is also not suited for autistic people the music parts are very sensory driven and overwhelming.

She refused to use any autistic actors and actresses. 

She was just very dismissive of actually autistic people and even Autism Speaks didn't want any association with it. 

The National Autistic Society also told her she had got it wrong but she proceeded to release the film full of misinformation and typical stereotypes.

The film also includes prone restraint which, some autistic people have died from.

When autistic people correct neurotypical people on why they dilike this film they are often seen as aggressive and told they are over reacting.

This is exactly the problem with society. They are quick to speak for us and slow to listen to us.

Stop being dimissive when we say we do not like something it is normally because we have done our research on it and summised our own opinion.

Google is free. Feel free to use it.