Say No to Autism Speaks

Give your Money to Other Charities

Autism Speaks is a Charity that spreads a lot of misinformation about autism and autistic people.

The charity was set up in 2006 and the blue puzzle piece it their logo.

The reason for the colour blue is because the charity believed only boys could be autistic and it was also backed by the fact the founders grandson is autistic.

Autistic people now advocate for:

-Red instead

- Gold or Rainbow inifinity symbol

The puzzle piece is because Autism Speaks believe autism is a tragedy and it needs to be cured/solved

Only 4% of their massive budget is used to help autistic people and their families the rest goes on marketing and pays the large salaries of the CEOs.

No one on the board of this charity is autistic.

They promote ABA therapy which, can be extremely harmful to autistic children.

They are constantly trying to find a cure despite autistic people not wanting one.

The marketing they use only spreads fear and not awareness.

If you would like to help donate to:

-The National Autistic Society

- Autism Together

Both are excellent charities that use the money in the way it should and provide valuable services the NHS is currently lacking.