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I grew into autism not out of it

About Me

My name is Lucy Berry and I am a late diagnosed autistic female.

That introduction of myself makes me sound like I am at an AA meeting of some sort like you see in the films. However, the only thing I am addicted to is making the world a more accepting place for autistic people like me to live in.

Having spent 15 years of my career undiagnosed and 3 years diagnosed I believe I have a unique perspective to be able to help employers make their work spaces more neuro-friendly, diverse and accessible.

Autism is not something that can be cured but if an autistic person is given the right environment to flourish you will receive back loyalty, hard work and an untapped skill set. 

In 2024 employers still have a long way to go to be more accommodating to neurodiverse people with conditions such as autism and ADHD.

From the job description, to the on boarding and integration process, small changes would make a big difference to your talent pool. They would also make employment more accessible for autistic people like myself. 

I have been employed for 20 years and often stay in jobs for an average of 5 years before leaving them.

I was openly autistic with my last employer and was also able to provide training to upper management and run 3 successful autism campaigns during autism acceptance week. One of the campaigns reached 800,000 people in the UK over 1 weekend.

If you are interested in learning more about what I can do for your business then please contact me by email at

Or call me on 07787444327

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