Why I Created this Site

About Me

My name is Lucy Hilary. I am 33 years old this June and have been autistic all my life however, I was only diagnosed at 31 years old.

I currently live in Cheshire in a house I own myself, and am full time employed.

For 31 years I was not labelled with a disability however, since my diagnosis I have had my eyes opened to just how ignorant and dismissive people can be.

Stereotypes do not help and you will see most are based on men 'Rainman', 'ATypical', 'A Word' and 'Good Doctor'

I wanted to create a website which I wish existed when I was first diagnosed. One you could go to where all the information and content was in one place.

Here I hope you will see you are not alone, I will introduce you to the community that has accepted me with open arms and helped and supported me in ways many other friends haven't.

I want to create a space for the self employed autistic people out there to advertise for free and also to give more information to employers on how to support autistic people in the workplace.

Here I will discuss my own personal experiences, the struggles I have and the problem I find with employment.

My mission is to normalise neurodiversity and make it better for the next generation as autistic children do become autistic adults.