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How to Support Us

The Do's and Don'ts

When an autistic person discloses to you that they are autistic do not respond with:

- You don't look autistic

- Are you on Medication?

- How did you catch that?

- You must have the mild kind

- I know someone who has it really bad

- Are you high functioning?

- What type do you have?

- You must be really good at maths

- What is your special ability?

- It's OK we are all a little bit autistic

Although when saying these things you may be well meaning and trying to understand the person telling you, what you are actually doing is being dismissive of their struggles.

What you can do instead is:

- Listen to us

- Ask how you can help

-Educate yourselves on autism

-Support the right charities

- Be respectful

- Show your support

- Ask them how they like to communicate

- Be patient

- Be kind

Gifs and Memes have been a game changer for how I communicate. I will send gifs to my mentor of a burning house when my day is not going well. As I am a visual learner I find communicating in this way helps express things more light heartedley than just moaning about how bad my day is going.

Some managers however, do not like this way of communication so I have to learn my audience however, I do have one manager where I am allowed to express myself in this way and they will often respond with gifs to. It becomes a conversation through pictures.

I really struggle to navigate group chats and therefore am not really involved in them. I am certainly not involved in any whatsapp group chats involving work colleagues. 7 hours on Microsoft Teams is more than enough for me. I communicate individually.

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