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Breaking News: Everyone really is a little bit Autistic

I really can’t believe today’s headlines that scientists have now confirmed that everyone is a little bit autistic.

New legislation will now be brought in so that not everyone is treated the same but people are automatically treated how they want to be treated. 

This is such great news for everyone because now, judgment and bullying and harassment will automatically cease to exist.

Every single person will live on this planet completely content with their lives, knowing that they will be fully accommodated for.

Employment rates for people with a piece of paper explaining they are autistic will now go up and autism will cease to exist as the neurodiverse disability with the highest unemployment rate.

Every single person on the planet will now be able to effectively manage themselves without being told what other people think is best for them. 

Quite honestly this is the best news I have heard for a while. 

Spoiler alert: this is fake news.

This is how life should be but isn’t because not everyone is a little bit autistic.

Being diagnosed late in life I genuinely thought I would finally be able to progress in careers and employers and people and friends would be more understanding. However, I am hit with the continual ‘yes but everyone's a little bit autistic’ or ‘if we do that for you we have to do it for everyone’.

When you are able to mask effectively it just means you are making your autistic self more manageable for others whilst at the same time you are literally making your mental health unmanageable for you. That is no way to live. 

You should be able to live a life being your true self without recourse. You will only ever get the best out of everyone when you have complete trust, confidence and happiness. This in turn promotes loyalty, kindness and understanding.

To everyone reading to the end of this. Apologies for getting your hopes up.

Maybe one day our future generation will have the chance to be their true selves.



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