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Lets Talk about Fidget 'Toys' for Adults

Has anyone noticed the apparent lack of fidget toys that would be suitable to have on your desk at work or quiet enough for you to take into a meeting?

I have.

I had a tangle teaser on my desk at work and whilst training someone innocently commented on how it looked like a rattle.

I didn't really know at the time how to respond but I do know the only places I can physically buy fidget toys are in toy shops for children.

Do people genuinely believe that autism or ADHD are conditions that magically disappear at the age of 16?

I have decided to change this and looked into fidget products more suitable to people of an older age so teenagers and above.

My absolute favorites at the minute are the speed cube which is stickerless and just so smooth to move either in one hand or both if you are on a call or listening to a meeting that is taking place.

I have stocked up and things I believe won't look silly on a desk and am trying to reduce stigmas by promoting them.

The slogan of my business is 'I grew into autism, not out of it'. The reason for this is because over the years I have developed a variety of coping mechanisms that help me to survive in a job, in daily life and have relationships with people.

You can't judge someone who has autism and has a full time job and puts time into constantly working on their communication skills and educating people on how my brain works and how I don't mean to come across as rude.

I never say 'i'm autistic so that's why I behave this way' to someone I do not know. Do you know why? People just need to learn to be kind and I don't really like wasting energy on judgemental people.

More needs to be done to help autistic adults in particular the ones who don't appear to be autistic because we are drowning under a mask. A mask that is not sustainable because there is not enough knowledge or education. Employers need to do more the NHS needs to do more, autism charities need to do more.

I am just glad I can do something!


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