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Autism Awareness Week

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

You may wonder why I haven't posted much of late or maybe you just haven't noticed.

Thing is this profile it wasn't the real me. It is the one I use day to day to get by in a world not designed for me. The mask of my true me and it gets very exhausting trying to please everyone on this platform.

You see the me I want you to see. The one I have learnt to be. People say they are accepting. Many aren't they like the easy go lucky me the one I let you see but not the one who struggles with sensory overload, change to routine and catastrophising everything.

The latter is the real me it is the autistic me. I have done a lot of self work and the pandemic has caused a lot of ill mental health for me as it has heightened my autism symptoms and made it harder to manage and as a result I have lost focus, suffered burn out, anxiety, put on a little weight, not trained as much and disconnected from many friends because I needed my energy for me.

That is fine. Gyms open soon and swimming will resume praise the lord. I will get back on track. However, tomorrow is autism awareness week and as such I will be raising awareness and promoting acceptance. Don't like it you know where the unfollow button is.

I'm done with hiding behind a mask.

Lets normalise neurodiversity and make it better for the next generation

Disability is not a dirty word - discrimination is!!



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